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Injury Recovery Massage

Injury Recovery Massage Special – $150 for a one-hour session.

An injury recovery massage helps restore muscle elasticity, range of motion, and decreases or completely eliminates pain, while breaking down scar tissue. It also mobilizes joints and bones, which are stuck from an injury.

If you are working with a chiropractor or physical therapist and you are not making as much progress as you’d like or the adjustments don’t hold, this massage will augment their work by loosening the scar tissue and removing the muscle adhesions that are holding your bones in a static position. If you don’t address these issues, the bones fall back into their pre-adjustment position.

Some of the common injuries that I treat include:
Rotator cuff, carpal tunnel, whiplash, pulled hamstrings, sciatica, medial and lateral collateral ligaments of the knee, all types of tendonitis, hammertoes, and arthritis of the thumb and fingers.

I draw from a variety of techniques in an injury recovery massage. I use Myofascial release to realign hips and shoulders, trigger point massage to release muscles, and orthopedic massage to put muscles in their correct positions and to clear adhesions off the bones. I also use Swedish massage to relax the muscles, and Active Release Therapy to break down adhesions and scar tissue. Scar tissue and adhesions limit range of motion, and as you may know, are very painful.

Some relief will be felt with one session, but typically it takes a series of sessions to achieve full recovery.

Please book on website or text at 415-518-3670.